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Dad’s 70th Birthday….Sing Along with Ken…

Posted by carolom on February 11, 2007

Our Dad, Ken was gifted with a wonderful voice and in our growing years he was a popular singer at the local working mans club.
In his earlier life he had jet black curly hair and whilst Tom Jones still had his original nose, people often said he looked and sounded like Tom Jones…

Over the years Dad stopped singing except around the house…so I decided that for his 70th Birthday today, the 11th of February…. it woud be great to have a “Sing along with Ken” session….

We all loved hearing Dad sing when we were kids and have vivid memories of Mum and Dad dressed for their night at the Club, very much the hip-couple in their groovy outfits and matching good looks. Old Spice after shave and Taft Harispray and Hypnotique perfume hovered in the house long after they had left for their once a week time out and time together time with the other couples at the Club…

We are not a large family…so I made everyone a song-booklet to accompany the “Sing Along with Ken” compilation …

Dad was very surprised when he opened his present……
Mum was very pleased with the outcome of our Secret conversations with her list of Dads favourites…

It didn’t take long before we were all singing along to Moon river, I Walk the Line….and quite a few more that my niece and nephew had never heard of….

Sal, my beloved, came out with a baritone voice I had not heard before…
Sister Chris in the foreground almost got away with not having her photo taken…

And Sister Jacqui really put heart and Soul into her rendition of Moon River…

Sam…the much loved Samoyd~Border Collie decided he would join in with the singing and he did a very good job indeed even though he didn’t have his own song book!

In September our parents, Ken and Maureen celebrate 50 Golden Years of marriage……they met when they were 17 .

Tennessee Ernie Fords “Give me your word” was ‘their” song…
We sang it today of course….

It is a blessing that we are all fit and well …and can finally sing the same tune …together….

What a Magical day we had…and true to the teachings on the Law of Attraction, when we clearly state our desire with the feeling of Love and Joy and put ACTION to that desire…we will create the perfect situation every time!

That is Practical Magic in ACTION!


6 Responses to “Dad’s 70th Birthday….Sing Along with Ken…”

  1. Ghosha said

    Wonderful. What a great way to show love and to share a parent with a child. Congrats on making it happen with Action.

  2. carolom said

    Thankyou Ghosha…it has inspired me to begin to think how we can make Mum and Dads 50th Wedding Anniversary in September a Magical, Musical evening….

  3. Wow! What a lovely birthday present. Your dad still looks cool. As for my dad, he is my best friend.
    Peep into my blog on friendship greeting cards for some beautiful e-greeting cards and friendly tips.

  4. naturalhigh said

    I am very touched by your gift! What a great tribute to a person’s heart- a collection of their favorite music, all sung by the people he loves. Simply takes my breath away.

  5. carolom said

    Thankyou Emmie and NaturalHigh for your comments…I just feel so blessed to have healthy parents, who are fit and well and still enjoy one anothers company!…;)

  6. maugny said

    WOW!! Wer’e famous 1

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