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Thousands lose job because of Law of Attraction…

Posted by carolom on January 31, 2007

Breaking News from the Celestial Times:

27th January 2006


(NB ~ Root word of ‘Crisis’ is Opportunity).

The two most senior Celestial and Human Services CEO’s, Mr Omnipotent and Mr Diablo met recently to discuss the unprecedented situation happening on Earth, the largest Soul School in their jurisdiction.

Putting aside their long history of conflict of interest, the Omnipotent and Diablo had much to discuss as a Celestial crisis is looming.
It seemed that in the last 12 months between 750,000 and one million Angels had become redundant over night as The Humans began turning Within in large numbers. Some say this is a very conservative estimate and will reach millions by the end of 2007.

An emergency meeting was called to discuss the future directions of the Assistance to Humans on Earth Unit.
The unit is the largest Guardian Angel employers body this side of Neptune..
Urgent talks have begun now that many Guardian Angels, once fully employed on 24 hour-watch of The Humans were no longer needed. and people are rejecting the Guardian Angel concept in droves.

Apparently many of The Humans are now questioning if the Guardian Angels were really ever there in the first place which has come as quite a shock to some of the more sensitive Angels who always did their very best to answer all prayers (after selection and processing) as per their job specification of “Link between Heaven and Earth”

It seems that the much awaited and strategically planned expansion of the Law of Attraction information, released gradually by the Universal Laws Department (ULD) over many centuries has not been without its challenges.

There has been an unprecedented response since the expansion of the LoA information that was planned to coincide with the New Millenium celebrations.

Unfortunately an unscheduled terrorist attack, several bouts of sickness upon Mother Earths body resulting tidal waves, fires and earth quakes meant that the scheduled global “Ah~Ha” events did not actually begin until late in 2005….5 years later than originally planned.
Over many centuries the Universal Laws Department has been implementing a strategic expansion of the Law of Attraction Information and Application Legislation (LoAI&A) in a partnership project with the Universal Media Unit.

However it seems that the Strategic Planning and Developing unit who were contracted to work on the project, had been primarily focusing on the impact and infrastructure for The Humans, with no work-place agreements implemented for the Angels who would be out of a job overnight.

The Guardian Angels Union , headed up by Mr Michaels and his assitant Gabrielle (surname withheld) has called for urgent talks with Celestial and Human Services , the Awareness Transition Unit, and 5 representative of the newly formed Redundant Guardian Angels alliance within the next couple of days.

Due to the sensitive nature of the discussions, The Prayer and Meditation Unit representatives have also been invited to attend and contribute their group work skills when needed.

There are several agenda items which have been given priority:

1. Future prospect of the Guardian Angels now that Humans are taking responsibility for their own destiny.

2. Budget for relocation of Angels and soaring get~Real Estate in Heaven costs since Angels no longer needed on Earth, resulting in a buyers market .

3. Strategies to deal with issues arising whilst The Humans are in transition of Law of Attraction mastery and do not need to be under 24 hour Angel watch but will need some form of on going assistance.

4. Policies and Procedures to be implemented to enable Redundant Guardian Angels to have access to advice and planning for career and /or retirement options. A new “Angel Redeployment Unit” will be established with a Board comprising of representatives of the Redundant Guardian Angels alliance and Guardian Angels Union.
More on this story as the news comes to hand…


5 Responses to “Thousands lose job because of Law of Attraction…”

  1. songdeva said

    Funny, funny, funny. Well, I for one, am keeping mine!

  2. carolom said

    Glad you appreciated the humour Songdeva…someone on a forum pointed out that by highighting the negative as the title suggests….it will maniferst and therefore they weren’t going to read the post…..
    T’was just a bit of ironic sillyness….nice to know you ‘got it’….;)


  3. 🙂 I can relate. My job too is done now that Oprah has taken over the reigns. So happy to reach critical mass, yet… I will miss the struggle. Move over guardian angels, the first wave of human angels is about to join you in retirement/retraining.

  4. Wonderful post. Appreciate the humor!

  5. relbelle said

    Hi Yamatji, thought I would catch you here….hope all is well with you, haven’t seen you in a while.
    Was wondering about the different coloured feathers you find and what their meanings are, I remember seeing a list somewhere and thought if anyone would have it you possibly could. Thankyou anyway, if possible if you could leave a message in my personal journal would be great. Been missing you!!!

    Rel xxxx

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