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Cyber Tribes and Diatribes

Posted by carolom on January 29, 2007

The history of human kind is brimming with the gods and goddesses, archetypes and sterotypes that make up the magnificent richness of the human experience.

We are in the pioneering era of Cyber Space and in the blink of an eye have gone from the relative isolation of home and community to having the means of journeying rapidly through space and into the realm of new relationships with the click of a mouse.

Miracles and Mirrorcles abound. We can stay at home and argue with strangers  like never before!

Cyber forums and discussion communities number millions and people can seek out strangers in space for the anonymous intimacy of connection and communication, without leaving the comfort of home, during office hours when the boss is not around from cafes across the globe, we are nattering and chattering, fighting flirting and hurting, sharing and baring across the ether.

Could Alexander Graham Bell  possibly have predicted where we are today?

I have been a member of several internet communities over the years and these are some of the types, typists stereo types and archetypes I have come across,

I have been on discussion forums that range in subject matter from the spiritual, philosophical. creativity to the literature, recipes and reflections and then there is Q&A!

Athena, Persephone, Venus, the King, the sage, the warrior and the magicians in suits. All of the great figures of story, myth and dreams can be found in their 21st century robe, sitting behind key boards imprinting Reality in the magnet of space.

Here’s a copy of my list of some of  the very predicitible patterns, types, archetypes and issues that occur right across Cyber Land.

Cyber Tribes and Diatribes in space.

Cyber communities are a gathering of people, strangers in “real life” and gatherings of people , share, celebrate, argue, bicker, support fight, bond love and mirror one another just like at the Office.

Accepting that this is how Cyber communities work, regardless of the initial commonality frees us to discern and withdraw when we feel it is “Too negative” or “too ” this or that and to enjoy the good stuff when it is there or create it.

People often think that because the commonality is perhaps an author / teachers of similar philosophy and belief or an interest in current affairs and thus  these “kinds of behaviours / views/ opinions/ arguments shouldn’t be here”. Well they are of course.
At any given moment across the net and as more and more disembodied people gather in the fonts and html’s of the cyber realm, the predicitible patterns and problems, camaradaire and conflicts become very easy to recognise.

We can no longer see the wine glass in the hand, the twinkle in the welcoming eye or the warm smile of a new stranger but it doesn’t take long to get to that place where familiarity breeds content and the other.

My experience of a number of Self-Development / Prosperity consciousness and Spirituality web sites is that the “type” of behaviours, disclosures, highs and lows that happen in one community are very common themes and experiences in cyber-space right across the web.

People often post very deep heart felt disclosures , feeling a secure sense of safety in doing so from a place of “anonymous intimacy” and it is often “The Page” that is witness to the incredible clarity and extreme despair and challenges people undergo on what Joseph Campbell would call “The Heroes Journey” (the call to adventure and change).


*On internet forums there is always a core group of regular posters who often have been around since “the early days” and check in every day.
They are defined by in-house humour and a shared history with the other regulars.
These posters sometimes have archived copies of previous discussion and the familiarity has bred content.
(Flirting, cajoling, teasing and predictable fighting  mark the intimacy of the inner core).

*The New Seeker, who is is very happy to have found a place where there are others who “think like I do”.

*The Helper, often offers random and practical support for anyone who is needing it, this person rarely argues with others and does peace maker roles when the Cyber community are fighting and having alignments.
This person is similar to:

*The Page Sage who also rarely argues and debates with the others. Some people seek out the Page Sages posts and others think their posts are predictable and irrelevant.

*The Stirrer (sometimes known as the Troll) who has a history of arguing and having heated debates with anyone who takes the bait if you rock and roll with the forum troll. -you only have your Self to blame..
Blame..there’s a reason why the word “Me” is on the end of blame.

*Those who hold opposite political and religious views. They speak for their self of course.

*The home-alone-drinker who sometimes goes back the next day and deletes their posts from their inebriated persona of the night before. They are often the charismatic crazy-makers we avoid in real life but might be tempted to dance in the hall of mirrors with in space.
Home alone drinkers osciallte between charisma and vitriol and are very skilled at manifesting the polarities of the devil and the divine….the nice and the nasty…the war and the warm.

*The Writer. The creative person who everyone tells is a very good Writer .
This person often dreams of writing The Novel but has not mastered discipline and consistency yet.

*The Alluring Woman who will post an inviting picture of herself as her avatar.
She is often a confident, don’t-muck-with-me-gal who can very easily move through the whole range of archetypes from the Goddess to the Vamp, the Hera to Athena….often as quick witted as the men folk, other women either love her or hate her -not that she cares of course.

*The person who has mistaken sacrcasm and rudeness for clever wit and arrogance for self confidence.
These people often get embroiled with The Stirrer or the Alluring Woman and The cool-confident Guy

*The Cool-confident Guy who does the straight shooting, tell it how it is posts , he is often attractive to some of the women and has a few special male friends he can banter with often goes in for a round of arguing with The Stirrer

*The Sincere Person who has little success in sustaining intimate, real life relationships yet but has many deep and caring Friendships in cyber land. This person if often still working through core issues of trust and over-coming-old-wounds-and patterns and benefits enormously from their cyber life.

*The Cyclist. This person has regular cycles of being very up beat and positive and then very down and doubtful.
The Cyclist often get severe pre-Moonstrual tension once a month…but they always snap out of it (often by returning to their books and notes from the workshops they have attended or the books they have read that brought everyone to the forum in the first place. Sometimes they take a Valium, but only if a walk through the Valley~Om has failed to life the Spirits.

Late addition suggestion by A Helper:
1) The Shape-shifter: the ones that blow with the wind wherever it’s going that day

2) The Lurkers: The ones that have been lurking on the boards longer than the oldest members yet never care to post

3) The Enabler: Encourages and supports the unaccaptable behaviour of one of the community, aligning with e.g. The Stirrer or The Victim rather than aligning with the greater good of Community Harmony.

4) The Draaamaagh addict who always manages to end up in fight no matter which community they join…the often end up on the banned list and return with a new name to continue the draaama and let people know how unfairly they have been treated.

And then there is the Q&A viewer. They are legends unto their own.


All of the forums I mentioned before have these and many other “types” of people and regularly go through periods of high energy arguing amongst regulars, peaceful periods of harmony and pleasantries, requests that someone be banned or modified and mutual support and discussion during times like 9/11 and the Tsunami, the war on Iraq, the elections etc.

Current affairs – (((currents))) generated by human affairs.

Another common theme is that the regular community members often say they have never found “anywhere else that is like this place”, it is so unique.

It is the kind of Magic one feels when dancing joyously in the Mirrorcle of space.

ALL of the self-development related forums periodically discuss the author / workshop leader and some of the discussions, hypothesis and questions are:
*Do they ever read these posts
*Do you think they have changed a lot lately
*Is it true that they were sued/ stalked/ divorced’/ getting fat/ drinking/ posting here anonymously etc etc
*He/she is not a guru you know but then again for many they are…

And blogging communities? They are a DireTribe, Cyber Tribe and DiaryTribe all rolled into One gorgeous bowl of alphabet soup!


And those Q&A posters?  An intellectually feisty lot indeed.

“Men occasionally stumble across the Truth but most pick themself up and hurry off as if nothing has happened”

I met with two of my CyberTribe Pals on a very windy day at a very gorgeous beach and we decided we were as warm and fun and raucous in real life as we were in the Cyber Realm where we met.


4 Responses to “Cyber Tribes and Diatribes”

  1. Grace said

    Hi, Carol! What a terrific piece this is. Over the years I have belonged to a number of forums and communities myself, ranging from Recovery Groups to Spiritual discussions to Activism sites like Care2.com. I’ve experienced every persona you described, and was at least a few of them myself at one time or another ;). The Internet has been a blessing and a curse, in so many ways. Spending most of my time locked in front of a computer with little interaction with ‘real’ folks, it is definitely a blessing (and, being relatively new to the blogging scene, I’ve found a great new cyber community there…all friends that I haven’t met yet!) I’ve not met too many people that I met online (although my one forray into internet dating two years ago landed me my real-time fiance ! LOL) The one woman that I did meet was just as she portrayed herself online and we had a wonderful friendship for a number of years.

  2. Great analysis!

    I think the computer itself is becoming an archetype like unto the trickster that makes it seem as if all is well, but throws in a fnord or planned error from time to time.

    I have created a system for helping people understand where you are in the hero’s journey of your own life, and I find that what Joseph Campbell said of the heroes of myth and legend is true of anybody who is trying to create something more and better for his or her life.

    If you are interested, I invite you to accept 3 gifts from me and let me know what you think.

    Thank you.

    ==> http://www.UnleashYourCreativity.com

    Ronda Del Boccio
    Best Selling Author, Edu-tainer, Mentor

    “What If All The Great Heroes And Wise People Of The Ages Could Guide You And Help You Live Your Dream? They do! Claim your audio, ‘Storyate The Life You Dream To Live’ Now and win 3 powerful bonuses!” http://www.UnleashYourCreativity.com

  3. carolom said

    Thanks Grace….all of my “Forumchetypes” were created from real live cyber space…..and they had to have appeared at least three times in different people for them to become an officialy Cyber-tribe type! You might find the powerfulintentions.com site an interesting one.

    Ronda Joseph Campbell is one of my all time favourite teachers and creatives…..he was a good friend of Dr Jean Houston…. http://www.jeanhouston.org She is a wonderful Mythologoist and Mystery School teacher extraordinaire.

    I’ll check out your site Ronda….thanks for the invitation.


  4. Mark said

    Thank You

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