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Another Magical Child in Exile Returns home….

Posted by carolom on January 25, 2007

Christina Thankyou so much ……SEW……much for sharing your story in response to reading “The Magical Child in Exile” post….[click here]….

That was amazing…I have tears in my eyes!

For not only am I a Magical Child in Exile but I have also become that groan-up…and I am telling my three young children to stop, stop, stop! Thus, creating more Magical Children in Exile.

I remember first coming to PI and learning LoA and The Secret. It was like a true awakening. These were things I knew as a child but had forgotten. I vividly remember knowing and believing these principles….and dancing…..and laughing….and crying….and dreaming….and believing.

Who am I to take that from my children? I hear myself tell my 3 yo to stop crying and grow up! I don’t know if I can undo the damage I’ve probably already done….but from this day forward I will feed the Magic in my Magical Children.

Thank you again.


As the Mother of 3 children you are already a “Wonder Woman” Christina… and I am thrilled for you that you will now be making sure to place the “Wonder” back into your Wonder Woman life…

You are this weeks recipient of my “Warrior Woman Award”…

We make Her in my Art of Change workshops as a way of empowering the reclaimed Creativity of the original Self…and finding our wings to fly back to who we always were…… Magic!!

….and two more from my Wonder~Woman~Warrior~Woman~Mum who is a Mother of three like you are… 3 who were able to hold onto much of the Magic thanks to her love of art, words and imagination….

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