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Cloud Reading….

Posted by carolom on January 18, 2007

I am a cloud reader …it’s a bit like reading tea leaves only you can’t dunk…..
True to the Law of Attraction’s Focus + energy = Creation, I find that so often that the skies are a blue canvas of swirling pictures and images and connecting with them can be a moment of Insight and Instruction when we least expect it…and if you really BELIEVE you can align with the whirling swirling cloud currents, you can ‘think’ shapes into being. Really!

A few months ago I arranged to meet my Mother in the Zen Garden in the city…a peaceful traditional Garden complete with tea house and meditation lake, Sand-Mandala yard and sit-down spots for picnics and pleasantries.
After we finished our cup of tea on the lawn we lay on the grass gazing at the moving sky…seeing faces and sybmbols, hearts and enjoying being in one anothers company.
The older we get the more I realise how lucky I am to have my family still all here and parents who have their health.

All of a sudden….seemingly from nowhere a huge cloud appeared from over the hills…as clearly as seeing one another it was the head of a traditional Aboriginal men with a heavy set brow, full beard and very strong profile.
We gazed in awe as this resplendant figure drifted overhead, remaining in tact and unchanging for seconds longer than clouds usually do as they morph in the sky winds in and out of form.

I didn’t have the camera with us that day…somethings are just meant to be a picture in the Memory album…

I also know that we attract what we focus on…“Where concentration goes energy flows”.

I am always ever mindful we are living and creating on traditional Aboriginal Land and in that place of gratitiude and recognition I see many wonderful things of the Spirit of this land of the Kaurna people.

Last year Sal and I were travelling through the Flinders Ranges….magnificent stone and mountain range country…and I saw a HUGE cloud spirit in the sky with a profile that looked as if it was creating wind currents…..big fluffy cheeks puffing through the air.

This photo didn’t quite capture the huge round cheeks, pursed lips and peaceful countenance but if you look closely on the left hand top side…you can see the profile of this puff-cheeked Spirit in the Sky…
(Turn your head slightly to your right side to view the image as it is on an angle…put your eyes into ‘soft focus’ as it maynot appear if you look too hard…;).)

I am also very appreciative and observant of the Spiritual presence that is found through out nature and see Rock Faces and many delightful images everywhere where nature grows.

The following image is of what I call the Mountain Range Goddess of the Northern Flinders Ranges…

Can you see her?


What about if I turn Her on Her side?

It is so easy to spend our time looking at the clock, the computer, the road we are driving on, the book in front of us… surrounded by plastic no-can-smell-the-Roses….;)

I can guarantee you that if you have not tried Cloud Reading or Rock Muse~ic….there is a Universe of Mystical Beings just waiting for you to catch their eye…….;)

Those Cloud Spirits have even been known to bring out the trumpets once they know they finally have our attention…..


10 Responses to “Cloud Reading….”

  1. Kirra said

    Today when i was with my friends. I was zoning them out and i just started watching the sky. I started to get scared from what i was seeing. It was like a war between God and the Devil. The clouds moved as if it really were a war but slow? The God side the clouds were brighter then the Devils side. I could see the set up of the war and the Devil out numbered God. When it ended a HUGE dragon appeared in the sky for a long time. and i swear i could see the inside of his mouth and bodies were littered everywhere in the body of the dragon. The dragon took out ever bright cloud in the sky. I am not religious in anyway and barely believe in the concept of god. but. it just gave me a really bad feeling. now. i want to know what this means.. my friend told me about cloud reading so.. any help?

    • Roger Warren said

      Yes, well first off, I can assure you there is GOD. I ended up in the clouds in my final search for him of my life. What I have seen or should I say revealed to me is absolutely mind boggling. I wouldnt recommend my journey for all, wouldnt be for the faint of heart. But thats OK cause God has something special for you! Keep watchin those clouds, Im sure you will see what I mean, God willing.

  2. Infinity said

    Soooo Cool! I have been reading the clouds for several years and it never ceases to leave me in awe. Short or long stories played out before me on the vast canvas of the sky. Details of objects can be so profoundly correct that it stretches the bounds of my faith in what I observe on a daily basis.
    I also love to find the shapes in the mountains and landscapes. I have not done a reading for anyone else but for myself the accuracy is astonishing. I have a strong connection with the animals of the world so the shapes in the clouds usually involve some type or several types of animals. Cross referencing the spiritual meanings of animals lends even more to the depth of the story.

    • carolom said

      On an interstate flights a few years ago I flew into a huge circle of fat fluffy Buddhas, sitting in pretzel shaped circles that went for miles and miles…it was fantastic to be inside one of the cloud readings…

  3. White Wolf said

    Hey I’ve only really started Clould reading a few years ago. But some of the things that i see in the clouds it ends up coming true. But the thing what i see in the clouds never turns out to be what i expected. I want to be able to idk harness this God-given gift a bit more so that i can tell whats actually going to happen in the future any help on this?

  4. Roger Warren said

    I to experience what you do with clouds and rocks. I am amazed at the somehow VERY REAL relationship between myself and, well, nature I suppose. Clouds are my choice and I barely can even get to all the pictures I take. As time goes on I am noticing that my interaction with them is getting more and more intense, for lack of a better term. I am rarely let down. There may not be a cloud in the sky, and one may materialize right on top of me and stay with me for some time. Ive had clouds follow me across town. There’s much more but anyway you see what Im I am saying. I say God is resposible for it and there must be a reason in which I am yearning to find out. It is actually the first thing that has happened to me that makes me believe without a doubt that our God is real, as is Jesus Christ. The infinite power of God is obvious by the things I have witnessed. Its just incredibly awesome when the entire sky as far as you can see is a theater just for you. The connection is indescribeable

  5. Infinity said

    It is so very enriching to read the words of other like hearted spirits. Seeing and feeling through the dimensions is a true gift from the Great Creator if we are so humble to recieve it. Thank You

  6. Nasedha said

    I often look up at the sky and gaze, even when just walking to class, the other day I could have sworn I saw a heart which then turned into two faces one was a man lying down and the other a woman, her face on top of his kissing him, I don’t want to read into this and get let down lol (I am single) was wondering what you all thought it may mean?

  7. kim said

    people think iam crazy when i yell them i can read the clouds.ive seen the clouds tell the storys of past events in my life.and whats to come.i see people and animals.cherokee and aztec indian run in my blood.maybe thats where i get it from.i keep an open mind.its nice to know iam not the only one.

  8. Tracy Abad said

    I believe I am also a cloud reader. I would love to connect with you and talk about it.

    I don’t see much out there on clouds so would be wonderful to talk to someone who gets it. I have a lot to learn.


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