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EVERYthing is Energy….

Posted by carolom on January 13, 2007

We live in an “Electrical Universe”

What do you notice about the following sentence?

“She was happy that her current circumstances had improved and continued to do so with increasing frequency.
She was now generating more income and even found people commenting that the manner in which she conducted her business affairs was very inspirational.
It seemed that her circumstances were now really moving in the direction she had decided on some time ago and she was even thinking about upping the amplitude somewhat and developing the business further than she had first envisioned
Only last week her close friend observed that many of the new strategies she had put in place, demonstrated a really enlightened approach to business and marketing.
There was an element of surprise on all of this……..


All of these words are words that are used when speaking the language of both electricity and “electrical” verbs, adjectives and nouns. They are words that relate to both the conduct of electricity and the conduct of Human Affairs.

The electrical activity of the brain can be tracked. People who conduct an exceptionally high voltage of electrical currents can experience a range of phenomena from epilepsy through to conducting brain activity that is often termed manic enduring thought currents that become rapid, discordant and often create havoc and heartache.

The movie “Powder” dramatised what happened when someone become SO highly charged that, like with electrolysis, all body hair falls out and the person is quite literally a conductor of electricity. Because Powder conducted such high frequencies he was able to feel the feelings, thoughts and intentions of the world around him. There was no barrier between “you and me”.

It is interesting to note the following words:

Genius….The ~Genie~In~Us

“A region of the Earths atmosphere (“atom=sphere”), extending from about 60 kilometres to approx 1,000 kilometres above the Earths surface, in which there is a high concentration of free electrons formed”.


Ionosphere…..I~On~O~Sphere….”The circuit of Life”….

Indigenous people of many Earth~Cosmology based cultures understand the nature of the Electrical Universe that we are a part of and is a part of us…. They differ vastly from the European way of conducting affairs.

A common link that many Indigenous cultures share, including the African people, Aboriginal Australians, Native American and Canadian, Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks, is that deeply woven into culture and spiritual practices, communion with nature and the everyday life, is a very different relationship with time and space than in the European world view and the early Christian view of dominion over Earth and Animals.

As is the relationship with the elements

Time is circular and the movement thought time and space, communion with the Animals, Plants, Sky and Earth transcends the physical realm and accesses the neuro lattice work of the Mind. The One Mind at a much higher frequency. How One’derful is that?!

One Mind

The Shaman, Medicine Men and Women and people of high degree consciously work for the highest good of the community in the invisible space where the Spirit world, the Energetic world and the co-creative world where Mind and focused intent meet.

The Human mind is a powerfully wired conductor of Electricity and has a complex system of chemistry and neurological pathways ways that control the nervous system functions of thousands of bodily movements, actions and processes

The brain stem is a stalk of nerve fibres and nuclei that joins the spinal cord to the cerebellum and cerebrum and the brain stem centres automatically control activities like breathing, heartbeat, and digestion.

Neurons are nerve cells and neuro networks form the nervous system, the word “neurotic” pertains the “neuro”.. or nervous system.
A neurotic person is often anxious, uptight, obsessive and generally conducting themself in a way that does not bring peace of mind and happiness into their life.

New- rows of thinking may be an answer to the old neuros that define fixed states and unchanging behaviors.
Electrical pathways between Heaven and Hell within.

Many people know that there is a vaster Universal Mind that many people contact with sporadically and unconsciously.
The Universal Mind may well be the 90% of our brain that Einstein stated remains unused.

God is not the Zeus-like bearded Father in the Sky who sent his Son to Earth, except for those who believe that to be so. To be sew.
God is the life force that governs all things, governed by Universal Laws that are exact and finite.

Whilst people hold onto prescriptive religious interpretations of a stern Father in the Heavenly skies, they may never truly understand the lessons made available by  miracle-making’s main star, Jesus.

He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also…

As a Master Alchemist, Energy~conductor Healer and Psychic, Jesus also knew that Thought and Intention conduct the most powerful currents in the Universe and that what we say every day is coded with enormous creative potential.

Therein lays the meaning of “In the beginning was the Word” and “the Word was made flesh”…….

We are all conductors in the Orchestra, the Awechestration of our life or conducterrs depending on the frequency of right action.

“Conducting ourselves correctly” has many meanings indeed.

We are both the Conductor and the instrument, the melody and the lyrics, an instrument  in the orchestra and the ‘awechestration’ of our life.



I designed this Mandala to represent the Energy….

Thankyou to Nungala for colouring in the black and white master copy during our “Art of Change ~ Law of Attraction” training session….


2 Responses to “EVERYthing is Energy….”

  1. Heather said

    Well written, easy to understand and answered many questions for me. Wonderful stuff!

  2. heather said

    thanks for sending me hear carolom. The mandala is pure and wonderful in its creation.
    In Oneness, hedder

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