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Spirit of Love ~ Rock Me

Posted by carolom on January 12, 2007

My Sister sent me this song…”Spirit of Love’…after the opening there is a chant:
“Spirit of Love
Take me in the palm of your hand 2X
Spirit of Love Rock me, rock me, rock me”

A short clip of it is here….the chant begins about a third way in…
Click here:
Spirit of love

The full version is ten minutes long….

It was totally mesmerising ( in a drive safe way) ….

Truly if you wish to activate the feeling of Love at a deeper level, listen to the Spirit of Love with headphones on….it was so magnetic that I stepped out of my cabin into the morning light and two little girls, sisters were playing in the playground….singing together at the top of their voices..:
“I love you everyday everday I love you”

They told me they just made it up right then but I KNOW that The Spirit of Love song created currents that permeated the air and landed in the gorgeous consciousness of these two little girls who were in the circle of love fifteen feet from my cabin where the song was playing…..

How Blessed I AM to have a sister to share such a beautiful piece of music with me

I created this Mandala a few years ago that speaks of the Essence of Oneness…


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