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Libby the Wonder Dog

Posted by carolom on January 8, 2007

I wrote this piece in the months leading up to my dog Libby’s passing in 2005.

I dedicate it to all of us who have known the love of a furry Angel who comes to this Earth with one purpose….to share their Love with their beloved Human….

Libby The Wonder Dog

Have you ever bent down to place a bowl of doggy-dinner in front of your beloved furry friend and suddenly noticed how old she has become since last spring………only a few short months ago?

Have you ever looked into her adoring eyes only to see her return her gaze through a cloudy film that dulls the loving twinkle…
…A rolling in mist that you have never ever noticed before?

Have you ever strolled down the pet food aisle,
…past the Puppy section…brimming with roly-poly pictures of Labrador babies, breathing puppy breath you can almost smell…

…past the Active Dog Section …alive with pictures of flying canine-adolescents chasing invisible sticks
… pictures like the ones in your photo album from just a few short years ago…

…then arriving at the Seniors Section for “Less active Dogs”….
…and realising in that moment that it was a heart burstingly brief journey from one section of the aisle to its opposite end…

Have you ever sat reading and suddenly felt compelled to go outside …summonsed by your Beloved Furry Friends silent lonely call?

…to be rewarded with laughter and delight as joy spins her uncontrollably into a twirling dirvish of ecstacy…

and all because you have suddenly appeared …granting the ultimate wish of her devoted-doggy heart.

Her belief in the Magic of Manifestation unwavering , not fickled by tides of high and low….

Have you ever noticed quite suddenly that you’ve been calling her “Old Girl” …. for quite some time …even though her puppy photo is still stuck to the side of the fridge…

hmmm…it seems to be aging and yellowed…I hadn’t noticed that before…

Have you ever been patting and rubbing her coat and suddenly felt how dry the skin has become with time, …how that living breathing organ of fur seems more itchy and scratchy than ever before …..and you know that the vet would say to give her another shot of that stuff ….that relieves the itch but demands another price on her organs and blood …each shot needing to be stronger than the one

Can I put her through those cortizone blasts again…she got so sick that last time ….

Nothing has ever worked for any length of time….

Have you ever sat down at your computer to try and capture just the slightest tiniest piece .. ..of a Love that transcends the Kingdoms of fur and skin and two legs or four… …and felt the tears sting and cloud your eyes… because you know you are coming to the end of your
Beloved furry Friends Story …that she may not be with you for another Spring……..and in the telling of a small part of her life
story the Heart releases bitter-sweet tears of sadness and joy …

A short life

A Tail of moments spent in the presence of a wingless Angel wearing Coat and Tails

So you step away from the page and outside into the cool evening air…and notice yet again that she seems stiffer than ever before…

Her old bones crack…as she rises to greet you … her tail wags with ageless gusto …and you entice her with her old rubber ball

Her eyes light up…………mist suddenly gone
as the ageless ball-game passion warms muscles stiff with age
….and we are Magically transported back, through the aisles of time

As the Old Girl embodies the delight of playing “Fetch”…
We are granted a brief reprieve in the hour glass …. of her very most absolutely most Favourite Game

Have you ever noticed that, …even though you can no longer say, “She would chase the ball all day if you kept throwing it for her”…that her world is more alive when she is in the company of
Activity and

~My gorgeous little furry friend
~Daughter of tragically ferocious guard dog
…A beautiful Daughter, whose life has never really been free of the high anxiety of growing in a vicous womb

~Totally devoted
~Highly strung and emotional (leaving her tied up outside of the store could result in a puddle of tears from her bladder)
~Infinitely loyal
~Fierce protector
~Butterfly and March-fly stalker (she has never caught one yet…despite hundreds of hours staring fixedly at the moving shadows)


My gorgeous and loving Friend….

Have you ever noticed how excruciatingly short life can be when we speak of love and other indefinable things….

…..In the beginning I used to wonder why I went from a 12 year
loving partnership with peaceful,old-Soul, woolly Old English Sheep dog to a highly strung, german shephard cross bred who began her first few months in a leg cast from losing a play fight with
a cattle dog who mirrored her rough-play-mixed-with
gaurd dog ways…

And 11 years later it is all so clear.

She came to teach me that Love can never be defined by who or what has gone before…there is no mold to define how Love shapes our life…. because Love IS the mold….

Thank you Libby-loo……I Love you. XXXX


Libby loved to bury her bones in the cold ashes of the fire circle…

3 Responses to “Libby the Wonder Dog”

  1. Djubba said

    Carol, I respect and appreciate all you did, and the love and commitment, you gave, to Libby, on my son’s and myself behalf, and that of Libby her self…

  2. carolom said

    The day of Libby’s passing was on the same day as the birth of the first Grandson.
    This affirmed that, regardless of what we might think or interpret, rally against or lament…….everything in the Universe is always unfolding with perfect timing.

  3. Wonderfully described Carol. The tears started in my own eyes .. because your story with beautiful Libby is so like mine with Splinter (15) very recently, and with Julya (12) before her. Both Shepherd crosses, both so close and loyal that I dreaded their passing long before their times came. Now I have Mimili. These dogs have seen me through some tough and tragic times. Their coats absorbed my tears. Their tongues and their eyes conveyed that devoted love. ‘I want to be with you!’ Neither accepted nonsense from outsiders.. to the point of a snarl and a nip for people who put their hands into my car with ill intent.. but never bit. Why must loss hurt so much? Why does love mean so much? Splinter at 15 couldn’t hear and could only see a metre or so straight ahead if that, but as always greeted me at my bedside in the mornings, made her rounds of the property seemingly by memory, and until she slept most of the time, checked in with me every half hour.. Yes, some people “Don’t like dogs.” Well those people miss some of the most precious lessons in friendship, don’t they?

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