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The Art of Change..Women’s Empowerment Program

Posted by carolom on January 1, 2007

Nungala and I recorded a little intro piece of the first session of our new program based on the Law of Attraction and the power we have to create change and manifest the life of our Dreams, regardless of the limitations of the past and patterns of belief and behaviour that have held us back.



Using traditional Aboriginal practices of Art, Story, Community, Music and Fun to share some of the contemporary Life Coaching information with the amazing, resilient Women of the Community there are some wonderful new stories emerging as Women connect with the power that has always been within them, that they knew as ‘magical children” but misplaced along the difficult pathways they have walked.

You can read a bit more about how we misplace our ‘magic’ here….
The Magical Child in Exile…..

In African and Native American cultures, like Aboriginal Australian cultures, Creativity, Community, Spirituality and Celebration are the streams that form the river of community strength and empowerment.

We can learn how to step into these streams and receive their gifts and blessings by applying the often disregarded / little understood cultural practices of Creativity, community, Spirituality and Celebration, hand in hand with the Law of Attraction information.

We can all weave a very different web of peace, prosperity and love across the world.

The Western world still has so much to learn from the tribal Cultures that thrived for thousands of years and understood the importance of the well being of the collective over the self-oriented pursuits of the individual.
“Sew” much to learn….

There is a place where the Black and White circles meet and overlap…it is called the Mandorla…
In the “About me” section of my blog you can read more about the Mandorla and how do not have to ‘build bridges’ between differences once we focus on where we are all connected and honour and celebrate our differences.

Here is Nungala and I introducing the 12 month “Art of Change – Law of Attraction” program…

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