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Drama De-tox Unit open for business

Posted by carolom on December 26, 2006

We live in an age where much of the media content is produced by and for the adolescent mind set…”Brad and Ange”…”Brittney wears no undies”…”He did this she did that did not did too it was your fault – not it was YOURS”…
“You are the baddies and I am the goody”….Drama drama drama….

The LAW OF ATTRACTION states that “where attention goes energy flows”…and “THOUGHTS CREATE REALITY

Television screens are immersed in murder, mayhem, trickery, The Good-guys (usually America)… The Bad-guys (always the East)……newspapers have become gossip tabloids, magazines blah-blah books…and in the midst of this soulless-saturation…many people are fully , energetically-Law-of-Attraction engaged in creating and re-creating their OWN draaaamaas and endless patterns of chaotic lives….yet desiring a life of happiness and fulfillment at that quiet place of reflection when heads are laid on pillows and Thoughts rise about “what is happening in my life and why??”

The following piece is a light hearted reminder for us all that whilst “drama” often plays a role in our learning of Lifes Lessons and Bless’ns…..we actually have far more C.H.O.I.C.E.S about what we engage our Energy with than we might realise…….

I~nstead of


A Cautionary Tale Dedicated to the recovering Dramaholic in all of us….well many of us.

This is a fictionally true transcript from Dramaholics Anonymous, held at a venue….and a venyou…. nearby………..

Trouble“Hi my name is Trouble and I am a Dramaholic.

Person A ~Hi Trouble”
Person B ~”Welcome Trouble”
Person C ~(Just nods head slightly…doesn’t like to welcome Trouble anymore)

Group Leader:“Welcome Trouble. It is so good you have decided to come along and we’d appreciate it if you would tell us a bit about yourself”

Trouble:“Well I was born into Trouble…my mama was a Drama Queen and my daddy was nowhere to be found.
Mama modelled Drama to us kids very well. She taught us to always pick the wrong kind of guy, make sure there was lots of chaos in our life before getting rid of him and then go out and find another one and get on with the whole dang thing again!”

Person A~ Praise the Lord I think we had the same mama
Person B~ Heavens above…I think I might be your mama
Person C~ silence….no longer even looks Trouble in the eye…

Group Leader“So what has made you decided to come to Dramaholics, Trouble?”

Trouble “Well there I was in the midst of wagging my finger at yet another person who seemed to just want to make my life more complicated..my latest boyfriend who proved to be just like the last three …and all of a suddenI looked up and saw my mama standing there in front of me”

Group Leader“Why was this a problem”?

Trouble “Well she has been dead for ten years but I tell you when I looked up in that bathroom mirror and saw my mamas familiar weary face and angry brow and recognised that disappointed look in her eye, barely concealing those unshed tears…….I KNEW I was in big Trouble!
I stood there looking in the mirror and remembered all the times I had fleshed out arguments in my life.
How many times I found myself bickering with people cause they were so wrong and I was so right and I KNEW I needed to make them see my point of view.
After all the Trouble in me had a very strong calling to point out to others their failings and how to correct themself so they would be just like me.
Then I remembered how many times I would get to a peaceful place and it felt REALLLL uncomfortable so I would start looking around and find someone to make a bit of Trouble with or criticise someone near to me for letting me down or not acting how I thought they should be acting!

Group Leader…“Well Trouble..you have come to the right place and the first thing we would like to do, after the big group hug , is give you a new name…((((((((00000))))))So from now on we will all know you as:

“GrownUp!”We reckon you have had enough Trouble for one life time and with your new insight…cause you have finally seen that you have been creating this Drama in your life for too long now…you earn your Brand New name…

Grown Up…..(blinking modest tears of appreciation and realistion how lonely she had been for so long whilst she was Trouble) “Well thankyou SO much for that…I am amazed that I only had to come here to Dramaholics once to finally really get the message……that when I let go of Trouble…then I really truly am all Grown Up!…

The End

The BE~ginning……

“Men occasionally stumble across the Truth but most pick themself up and hurry off as if nothing has happened”.


Father Christmas has a few dramaaamaaagghs of his own…..


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