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Law of Attraction and Earth based Wisdom

Posted by carolom on December 25, 2006

Traditional Native American Culture, along with Aboriginal culture and most Earth based Indigenous cultures understand the Sacredness and Divinty of all life forms.
Killing animals for food had ceremonial, totemic and honouring aspects….’punishment’ was restorative and balance oriented not solely isolating, punitive and incarcerating like we see in these bursting-at-the-seams holding pens of pain and revenge called prisons.
Skilled medicine Men could influence circumstances through the skilled application of the Mind…the Law of Attraction.

Cultures deeply seeped in metaphysics, cosmology and co-creation have been submerged in the sea of Western domination….but times are changing and tides are turning…

It is inevitible……

Globally and collectively we are now experiencing environmental degredation, mental illness, self-worth issues and break downs across all western-mind set cultures….and Earth based cultures that have been infected with colonial-miasma and domination are still reeling with outrageosly high statisitcs in the areas of violence, alcoholism, addiction and despair….All symptoms of disconnection form the Source..Love..Spirit……….
In this global “break down” we will gradually see a re-emergence of traditional values and the “Magical” insights that honour our co-creative and interconnectedness. step by step….one person at a time over Time….

This is so…..;-)
This is Sew

This is the DAWNing of the Age of Aquarius..not the sunset or peaceful night time….the dawning..the stirring before the Light and the enlightened years.
We are in the very early stages of re-awakening from a deep and often violent trance that has seen many warring people use their magic wands of Thought and Action to create tragic instead of Magic.
It is not surprising the LAW OF ATTRACTION is becoming more widely known now as we move to a new level of consciousness and co-habitation.

Here in Oz the Dreaming is beginning to whisper to many people, Black and White …

The recent Healing Our Spirit World wide, forum a gathering of representatives from Indigenous nations across the globe in Edmonton is another sign that there is a renewing ans strengthening of the powerful, Laws of Nature based Spiritual essence that once permeated the planet and resulted in sustainable and peaceful co-creation for many years…….

How exciting….

I Honour the Ancestors right across the globe who are whispering to those who are now ready to hear….

It is all about Balance…

This is the Mandala I created:

When I have balance…I find my wings and my Spirit soars…….BALANCE…


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