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When it is Time to say goodbye to Time…

Posted by carolom on December 24, 2006

Many years ago, I travelled around Australia for four years in a Landrover… living in a caravan with my partner….a good hearted fisher-man, Lisa the Siamese cat and Shamus the Old English Sheepdog…Shamus and Lisa have long past back into the spirit world and the good-hearted man and I parted company in my mid twenties.
I was only 19 at the time and the call to adventure was a call to magic after troublesome times of transition in the teenage years…

One year, two years into the Adventure… we were passing through a coastal town and came across one of those funny little country stores full of Stuff….hardware, homeware, dusty Mills and Boon books…daggy clothing and knick-knacks in boxes and on dark shelves tucked under tables…

I found a clock that on first glance I thought was a ceramic plate-clock….

It had a little country scene created on the brown and white porcelain style of china…I was surprised when I picked it up and discovered it was actually an imitation, plastic clock complete with fine line designer cracks.
Perfect!………had it been really made of ceramic I wouldn’ t have bought it as we often took our caravan over bumpy roads and there was no place for good china and crystal at that stage of lifes adventures….

So I bought this inexpensive little dinner-plate clock and it became a part of my everyday life…it matched the newly papered walls of the caravan…(that’s another story)……..and eventually made the transition from the caravan back into a Proper House…

The Clock was witness to the tears and farwells of a love-now-passed…..was placed in storage when I went to live overseas for a year, was given it’s first ever Big Wall all of its own when I set up home again in the early 90’s……then it travelled with me through another Big Move move, directed more daily life and punctuality through career changes and new stages…… until a major life upheaval saw it taken down from the wall once more …. wrapped in newspaper again and relocated to the home I have lived in for almost nine years…

Every day, no matter where my life was at the Time, The Clock ticked out the rhythm of every day and night……tick tock…tick tock….Time passing neatly by, second by second…..even when life was undergoing chaotic, sometimes unpredictible transitions…the clock never faltered…

At times it was the only constant in a changing world….September 11…tick tock tick tock……..the passing of my Grandmother…tick tock tick tock …the birth of my godchildren….tick tock…..the murder of my friend Janet…..tick tock tick tock…..meeting my beloved Sal….leaving th eplace I had worked for so many years to begin a new adventure…..tick tock let’s rock…..:D…….on and on Time unfolded…..

All the while a motionless country scene with the two children walking along a road looked over my kitchen…a scene painted from an era that had passed just like my own Eras had disappeared through Time…
The good hearted fisherman partner now a memory living in my photo albums…. my beloved animals, friends, family members, colleagues, anniversaries, weddings, happy days and sad days, tick tock…tick tock….

Like an old and much loved elderly relative the Clock that I have glanced at thousands of times over the years began to slow down earlier this year…up grading the batteries to pace maker level didn’t help and eventually it simply stopped working all together….sitting motionless on the wall like a museum piece from a Time now passed…

Recently I sat with The Clock in my hands, remembering the hundreds of time I took my cue to leave the house at 8-15 to catch the tram, how often I glanced at it to keep an eye on appointments, visitors, t.v. programs….should I stay up late….got a plane to catch……where is my fisherman partner from so many years ago…how has his life unfolded with Time?……on and on the hands of The Clock monitored the slithers and segments of my life………

And like the presence of all much loved familiar companions, my time with The Clock, that I fell in love with at a stage in my life when the world was so much smaller and infinitely more simple, has completed it’s cycle……It’s Time to bid my clock farewell.

I love my clock…..in a fond and farewell kind of way…..


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